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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sharp Angles Flashcast - Episode Two - 07/19/2015 - Inside Out

A brand new type of episode of Bacon Ice Cream Productions latest podcast, Sharp Angles, is here!

Listen in as Danae and Jeanette have a critical discussion of the movie: Inside Out. 

What did they think of it? Does Pixar still hold the key to family movie magic? All these questions and more will be answered in this new FlashCast!

What's a FlashCast you say? Well it's a opinion based, open forum podcast that allows us to tell you about movies and even TV Shows that we are currently watching. They can feature one of the cast of Sharp Angles, or any combination of us. Maybe even special guests from time to time! Think of these Casts as appetizers while you await the next full episode of Sharp Angles. 

Like the format? Want us to keep doing these, let us know by posting away here on the blog, or hitting us up the community page on, or  on Twitter @sharpanglesbic!

Also, send feedback to:

Thanks for listening!

Don't forget... Next time on Sharp Angles...our journey into the MCU Continues with the next movie of Phase Two: Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Direct Download available here.


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