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Podcast Set # 1

The start of the Journey, Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Read More

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Podcast Set # 2

The Journey continues, it's Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Read More

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Podcast Set # 3

Travel to a Galaxy Far, Far away; It's the Star Wars Saga! Read More

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Podcast Set # 4

Travel to Isla Nubar and beyond with us, it's the Jurassic Park Series! Read More

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What else are we working on, check it out here! Read More

About the Cast

The Cast


Besides being one of the hosts of Sharp Angles, Rich is the Founder and Co-Owner of Bacon Ice Cream Productions. He enjoys podcasting, gaming, movies, and spending time with friends and family. He also has a day job as a solutions provider at PeggNet Computers. You can find more about what Rich does at and


Danae is an avid reader, listener, and watcher of all things entertainment. She is also a writer, educational diagnostician, and soon to be mom. Her hobbies include analyzing the crap out of everything, and generally making her opinions known, even if they are unsolicited. You can find more about Danae at


Jeannette DiLouie is a self-declared introvert who typically prefers to have her nose in a book rather than deal with people. She’s used her antisocial tendencies to do a lot of writing, including the Faerietales novels, which are available on Since she’s far too much of a capitalist to go the starving artist route though, Jeannette does have a nine-to-five job as a financial editor and also runs her freelance business, Innovative Editing, on the side. You can find more about Jeannette at and at


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